By Debbie Robins
ISBN 0-9787213-7-3
Price: $19.95
Cambridge House Press
May 1, 2007

“Where Peace Lives” is a book of timeless wisdom for people of all ages. Both children and adults will delight in the adventure to free the angel Peace who has been locked in an unbreakable glass box and can’t get out. The only hope for the world; to find the three keys to set Peace free. Inspired by the universal teachings of Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Buddha, Jesus Christ, Moses and Mohammad, the story teller (who is never mentioned by name, gender or age, so each reader can make this journey their own) discovers that the “Three Keys to Peace” are not physical keys. To learn what they are, Robins invites you to read the book.

This book was written to inspire the world to study, learn and practice more peace. To encourage parents to become their children’s peace teachers and insist that our educational system include the study of peace. “Peace can be right after English, just before history and not on the days kids have science and math.” “Where Peace Lives” is a call to action to strengthen our peace ‘muscle’, and make it our most dominant, global trait. Written in the vein of “The Little Prince” and beautifully illustrated, “Where Peace Lives” is a classic in the making.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of “Where Peace Lives” will go to City Hearts, a non-profit dedicated to healing the effects of violence and discrimination through the inclusion of Art in the inner city classrooms (www.cityhearts.org), and Earth Rights Institute, working to ensure a global culture of peace and justice. (www.earthrights.net)